Day 1 and 2

Total distance pedaled to date: 223km
Number of bald eagles spotted: 2
Sasquatch sightings: 0
High speed bumblebee impacts: 3 (1 right in the face!)

Ok, I’m 2 days into the trip and things are going really well. Fantastic weather and low winds have put me a full day ahead of schedule! I’m camped out tonight in Hope, BC.


Writting this as a very light rain falls on my tent fly. The forecast is calling for sun for the next few days (Yay!) and I expect I’ll need the head start I’ve got now that I’m getting into some serious mountains. This was my view starting out this morning from Surrey.


The ride this morning was fabulous. One thing about bicycle touring that you don’t experience in a car is the smells and this morning was super fragrant. My trip along Highway 7 had me passing all kinds of sawmills. They were pulling logs out of the river that had been rafted down and it totally put me in a Beachcombers frame of mind.


Each mill had a massive pile of wood chips; some kind of cedar or other redwood, and the smell was wonderful. This coupled with the smell of the Highway Dept mowing the grass along the shoulder made for a great day.

At this point I should introduce Tweak.


Tweak came from Switzerland and was brought back to Canada as a gift by my friend Justin. Since then, Tweak has become my cycling good luck charm. He came along last summer on my Toronto-Montreal trip, and he’s along for the ride this summer too.


Here’s Tweak relaxing on the BC Ferry.

It was a good crossing. Nothing like the ferry rides I’ve taken in Atlantic Canada.



After we landed on the mainland, Google maps steered me onto a rail trail that took me along the edge of what I believe was Boundary Bay and through a nature reserve where I spotted these two guys.


These birds were amazingly huge!

Before I left Victoria, I stopped at the MEC and picked up a cylinder of bear spray. Upon reading the label, I was releaved to learn that along with being effective against bears, it was also good against wolves, zebras, lions and tigers (oh my!), Santa Clause, baby seals, dolphins, and last but certainly not least, Rosie O’Donnell.


You better back it up Rosie!!

Before I turn in, I’ll pass along something I learned today.
This is the Fraser river.


It was/is a very important waterway ’round these here parts and interestingly enough, was dug entirely by hand by Mister Fraser (Miss’s Fraser didn’t even help). And to make matters worse, Mister Fraser had to spit continuously into the dry ditch for 3 months just to get the thing flowing…He died shortly afterwards due to dehydration. A fascinating bit of Canadian history.

Have a great night!



2 thoughts on “Day 1 and 2

  1. Thanks Steve. Feel like I’m right there with you…I’d even help with the pedaling…unlike your tag-along friend, Tweak. Keep it up.

  2. Thanks for the Update Steve. I think I will be living vicariously through you for the next few months. Good to hear All is Well!

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