Sometimes 1cm Makes All the Difference (That’s What She Said)

Total Distance Pedaled: 765km

I finally saw a Sasquatch! In Penticton! It was huge, hairy, smelled awful and was wearing a Jeff Gordon NASCAR t-shirt. I spotted it at the Penticton Mall, attacking the Orange Julius stand. Fortunately the young clerk was able to defend himself with his skateboard, causing the beast to flee the food court, jump into a Ford Festiva and disappear into the wilderness…True story.

Today is Day 8 and I’m enjoying a day off in Revelstoke. The last couple days have been interesting. After passing over the Cascade mountains I began to have pain in both knees. Bad pain. The kind of pain I eluded to in my last post that had me scared I wouldn’t be able to finish the trip. So when I made it into Penticton, I stopped for the day and began to do some research on the matter. The Internet recommended raising my saddle and pushing my cleats forward. So, I bumped my seat up 1cm and slid my cleats forward by a few millimeters. It was incredible! The strain on my knees went away! Unfortunately what I’ve now come to discover is that I may have raised the saddle a bit too much as I now have an inflamed achilles tendon. I’ve never had problems like these before so it’s a bit of trial and error and really seems to come down to a game of millimeters. I’m hoping this tendinitis calms down as I still have a lot of hill climbing to do between here and Banff.

The scenery in the Okanagan valley was beautiful.




And the roadsides were home to these little groundhog dudes.


The focus is a little soft on this pic, but I had to share because the expression on his face is just too cool.

I also passed through the village of Grindrod where preparations are well underway for the annual Festival of Garlic!


Rumor has it that this year’s surprise guest host will be Bob Vila. Book early to avoid disappointment.

Next up was Sicamous, the self proclaimed “Houseboat Capital of Canada”.


Reason #1 that I should never father children. The only thing I could think of when I saw these is that I’d likely get the ‘ol houseboat up to about 30 knots and then encourage the kids to use the waterslide. There’s just something about seeing some kid popping ass first out the bottom of the waterslide only to hit the lake at 30mph that makes me giggle.

Leaving the houseboats and overpriced lake lots behind, I joined the Trans-Canada and began to climb back into the mountains. I passed the spot where back in 1885 they hammered the last spike in the railroad, and Tweak came out to pose for a photo.


I also got to pose for a few photos when a big busload of Japanese tourists showed up. They were impressed with my bike and asked to take my picture. Apparently I’m huge in Japan.

Well, that’s the kind of week it’s been. I’ll leave you with this last pic, snapped about 20km outside of Revelstoke. It was worth getting rained on to witness this.



3 thoughts on “Sometimes 1cm Makes All the Difference (That’s What She Said)

  1. dude! I can see the pot of gold in that rainbow, it’s just over cheesewhiz…er i mean yonder. It’s just over yonder!

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